Welcome to the Enterprise Europe Network Flanders

Flanders, together with Wallonia and Brussels, are the three regions that make up the Federal State of Belgium. Each has a great deal of autonomy. As a result, the Enterprise Europe Network in Belgium is organized regionally.

The partners active in Flanders collaborate closely and exchange information with the Enterprise Europe Network partners in Wallonia and Brussels to make sure that businesses in Belgium receive optimum assistance.

In Flanders, the services of the Enterprise Europe Network are assured by the Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), which helps Flemish companies and research centers conduct their research and development projects, and Enterprise Flanders (AO) , the Flemish government agency that informs, advises and supports Flemish entrepreneurs and businesses.

Enterprise Europe Network Flanders aims to maximize business opportunities for Flemish companies – with a focus on SMEs – in the European Union. In doing so, it covers a wide range of activities: from finding international partners through applying for EU funding and sourcing technology, to protecting intellectual property and providing information on EU laws and standards.