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A German SME has developed a multifunctional fingerling based on a patented operating element that can be used both for touch screens and key panels. Compared to smart gloves the fingerling has many advantages and it can be applied everywhere where hands need to be protected from cold, heat or any other negative influence and where at the same time technical and electronic equipment must be operated.The SME is looking for distribution partners for the fingerling or a licensing agreement.
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Up to 2
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1 to 9
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Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles,Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c.,Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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Patented technical operating element for touchscreen technologies, heatable gloves for pilots and applications in sports
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A German SME has invented a patented operating element for new technical equipment (e.g. GPS, Vario, Smartphone I-Phone, I-Pad, mobile phones). The technology is integrated in a fingerling which can be put on every kind of glove and still allows exact operation of both touch screens and small mobile buttons. The fingerling can be used everywhere where hands need to be protected from cold, heat or any other negative influence and technical and electronic equipment must be operated.The company is looking for a partner interested in distributing the fingerling and they are also interested in licensing agreements for the patented operating element. The main advantages of the fingerling compared to existing smart gloves are: - The new fingerling with integrated touch technology can be used both for touch screens and key panels with very high accuracy- Resistive, capacitive, visual and acoustic signals (Surface Acoustic Wave) can be executed surely with just one product- The fingerling can be put over each kind of glove even on thick gloves or safety gloves and it allows exact operation- One size fits all- Temperature-resistant touch technology unit (-30 C to +120C) which is also soft and stable- Can be used where people have too big fingers to use touch screens correctly.It can also be used as promotional item printed with the company's name or logo. Finally, the product can be applied in all areas where touch screen technologies are used, e.g. multimedia-based applications such as smartphone or mobile, sports, industry (occupational safety), recreation (hiking, video and photography), medicine (surgical gloves), health (amputees, patients with rheumatoid arthritis) military, police, customs duty and so on. All people who work outdoors and have to use equipment will be rewarded with more comfort and the best user safety
Main advantages the company could
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The SME offers the partner a patented low-cost product (fingerling) with many advantages compared to existing products (smart gloves) in this field.The fingerling can be applied in many different areas and should be easy to introduce into the market.

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The partner could be a wholesaler or service provider already co-operating with wholesalers or existing structures in his country to guarantee a fast market introduction of the fingerling. Preferred areas would be: promotion items, telecommunications, multimedia, retail, purchasing organizations, sports retailerManufacturers of gloves for sports or work safety could also license the technology