B2B tijdens het 7th International Congress of the Society for Vector Ecology

Locatie: Palma de Mallorca, Spanje
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Van 1 tot 6 oktober vindt in Palma de Mallorca het “7th International Congress of the Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE)” plaats. Tijdens dit congres organiseert Enterprise Europe Network op 5 oktober een brokerage event om nieuwe nationale en internationale contacten te bevorderen, evenals innovatieve technologieën te delen en internationale samenwerking te starten.

Registreren voor 3/9/17: https://7th-international-congress-of-the-sove.b2match.io/

Meer info: http://www.uibcongres.org/sove2017/ficha.en.html.



To deal with vectors and vector borne diseases has never been so in the spotlight than in the last decade. The current distribution and occurrence of vector borne disease such as Zika and Dengue have enormously aroused the global public concern of diseases transmitted by vectors. It is now a good opportunity to show the great value that research and management of vectors means for human society. This SOVE meeting would be the ideal framework to show the progress in knowledge of basic aspects of vector ecology, those aspects that are then so needed by other disciplines such as modelling and risk assessment.

It would be also the time to show the need for interaction among all counterparts involved in vector borne diseases, such as researchers, public health managers, risk assessors, control agencies, communication managers and many more.

Main topics:

•   Climate change and vectors
•   Ecology and behavior of vectors
•   Emerging vector borne diseases and risk assessment
•   Genomics of vectors
•   Global research projects on vectors
•   Remote sensing analysis of vectors and vector-borne diseases
•   Taxonomy, systematic and phylogeny of vectors
•   Vector control
•   Vector-Pathogen interactions
•   Surveillance of vectors and vector-borne diseases